Covid 19 Lockdown Club Closure - Update

Covid 19 Lockdown Club Closure - Update

The Club continues to be closed for now, but the management committee are constantly reviewing government guidelines to see when it may be possible to open up our facilities again.

At present, we are awaiting the guidance that Boris Johnson will present on 22nd February regarding any release of the current restrictions.  It is known that outdoor sporting facilities are likely to be permitted to open before any indoor facilities.  If that proves to be true, then we will be making plans to open up our outdoor rinks as soon as we can.

Initially, this will be for roll-ups, but the Committee will be reviewing the possibility of setting up outdoor rink leagues as well to provide a more competetive element for those who want that.

Please come back to the web site for any further information.  If you want to make any suggestions yourselves, then please use the contact us form on the new web site.

The Management Committee

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