E-mail Scam - please beware and read

E-mail Scam - please beware and read

Please be aware of some e-mail scams that are going around at the moment. You may receive an e-mail from someone you know asking you to do something such as ordering something from Amazon for them or saying Urgent - Please help, with no other content.

Please do not respond to any of these emails.  If you are unsure whether the email is real, then pick up the phone and speak to the person who sent you the mail - Do Not reply.

Often these are phishing e-mails that are sent out to many many addresses, and if you respond, you may receive another e-mail asking you to confirm personal details or provide bank account details.

There is no real danger as long as you do not reply or open any attachments that may be included. Just delete the e-mail and contact the sender by phone to ask whether they know their e-mail address is being used to send out strange e-mails - they may need to get another e-mail address.

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