Temporary Outdoor Membership Promotion

Temporary Outdoor Membership Promotion

The new temporary outdoor membership promotion is for those members who have recently joined the club who wish to enjoy the use of the outdoor rinks through the summer, or those who did not elect to join as full joint members in September,  but have now decided they wish to use the outdoor rinks over the summer.

The cost of that temporary outdoor membership is £20 plus a rink fee of £2.00 for each time that member uses the rink for whatever purpose they play.

That membership entitles them to play between the period 25th April 2022 and 25th September 2022 only and will permit them to play in Club leagues, Club friendlies and in roll-ups only.  It does not permit them to play in National, County or Club Competitions or County Leagues.

There have been questions asked as to what the benefits are of signing up for full joint membership at a cost of  £40, plus rink fees of £2.00 per session rather than this using this promotion.  The answer is that the temporary outdoor membership is a one off offer and individuals that take up this offer for this summer will need to sign up for joint full membership in September to use the outdoor rinks next summer.

In addition, those who signed up and paid for joint full membership last September are entitled to enter National, County and Club Competitions as well as playing in County Leagues this summer, which the temporary outdoor members are not entitled to do.

I hope the above clarifies any issues or queries members may have regarding the difference in benefits between the two types of membership.


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