Bowling Etiquette

Bedford Borough Bowling Club Points of Etiquette, Rules or Just Good Practice

  • STOP – Don’t walk across the rink end when a bowler is on the mat facing you.
  • Dress correctly (greys or white for all organised games).
  • Shake hands before games start and at the end.
  • At the start of an end, hand your opponent the mat or the jack when it is their turn.
  • Avoid fussing with the bowls behind the mat.
  • Be quiet when a bowler is on the mat, if you have to chat, do so between bowls.
  • Do not hassle to get on the mat and avoid being in the current bowler’s eye line.
  • You are entitled to remain on the mat until your bowl comes to rest - rule.
Bowls Etiquette
Bowls Etiquette
  • Do not ask questions of your skip after your bowl has stopped.
  • Leave a bowl on the mat for the next player on changeover.
  • At a changeover, players should leave the mat together. Walk down the centre of the rink. In domestic leagues, both skips should leave the head together.
  • When at the head, do not move around when a bowler is on the mat.
  • Do not sit down at the end of the rink with your feet in the ditch.
  • Following your bowl; in clubs where 'No Running' signs are displayed, avoid being stranded in front of the mat. When your bowl stops, you should be behind the mat, beyond the head.
  • Avoid waving your opponent’s ball away.
  • Make no comments such as 'lucky bowler' or 'what a fluke'. You may think it but do not say it.  It might be you next time.
Bowls Etiquette
Bowls Etiquette
  • Appreciate all good shots, including those of your opponents. Do not respond when your opponent delivers a bad bowl.
  • Help kick the bowls back after each end is completed.
  • Always keep an eye on neighbouring rinks. Give way if a bowler is likely to be bowling across your line. Be ready to stop stray bowls.
  • Be sympathetic when team mates are not bowling well, it may be your turn to bowl badly tomorrow.
  • Be aware of the pitfalls when claiming or measuring shots. Do not take bowls out of the head without your opponent’s consent unless you are conceding shots, and only with your opponent’s permission if you are claiming the shot or shots. If an opponent requests a measure, let them undertake the task.
  • Inform players if you intend to use a heavily weighted bowl.
  • No smoking in the hall and no eating or drinking on the rink.
  • Note duties of the players. Stick to your job and no interfering with others.
  • The game can sometimes be frustrating. Avoid displaying an aggressive attitude to your opponents and even to your team mates.
  • Win with humility and lose with good grace. Allow yourself 30 seconds of disappointment and then remember worse things happen at sea.

With thanks to Frank Gwatwin

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