Friendly Matches

Playing In Club Friendlies

Bedford Borough Bowls Club has long been established within the National and County Bowls providing players to compete at many levels and are proud and happy to be able to do so.

At club level, we have internal competitions and many leagues which are well supported.

We also have many friendlies which provide opportunities for bowlers of all levels to participate and experience the atmosphere of competitive bowls at a slightly less intense level.  These competitions also help to provide a steady revenue for your club.

Friendly Fixtures
Friendly Fixtures

Over recent months, the club has been struggling to encourage enough bowlers to sign up for the friendly matches.  Matches, therefore have to be cancelled and this results in loss of revenue to the club.  It also means we may also lose that fixture in future years.

Therefore, please look on the club notice boards in the main bowling areas and put your name on the availability sheet when you are able to play.  You may not get selected for every match, but you will get selected to play at some point during the season.  It is also a good opportunity to get to know others bowlers that belong to the club.

If you have any questions about the friendlies, then please speak to Steve Hurley who currently has the responsibility for organising matches and selecting teams to play.

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