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New members are very welcome at our Club, but you don’t have to be a member to experience the sport of bowls. If you’ve never played and would like to try, contact the Club by phone or email to arrange a time to visit and/or try the game out. You don’t need any equipment, just bring flat-soled shoes or trainers. We will provide the bowls and some coaching to get you started.

To join the Club you will need to complete an application form. Your application goes before the Management Committee, who meet once a month. We suggest you contact the Club office for assistance.

  • Full membership entitles you to play at all times and in any league teams, both outdoors and indoors.
  • Indoor membership entitles you to play at all times and in any league teams, but indoors only.
  • Outdoor membership entitles you to play outdoors only.
  • Social membership allows you to use all the Club’s facilities except the bowling greens.
  • A Junior member (under 16) can play at any time including evening leagues.
Bedford Bowls Membership
Bedford Bowls Membership

Bedford Borough Bowls Club have a number of forms to be used for applying for various forms of membership, changing membership categories, changing personal details or leaving the club.

Links to each of the forms are detailed below, together with a brief description of what they should be used for:-


This is used for someone who wants to have short term trial membership to see whether they like bowls.  It lasts for a maximum of 4 weeks which should be sufficient to establish whether the sport is for you.  Once 4 weeks are up, then full membership of the club should be applied for if you want to continue playing. Once completed, please sign and take into the office at the Club.



This form should be used to apply for membership of the club, either as a player or social member



This form is used if you wish to change the type of membership you have with the club.  It includes changing from just indoor or outdoor membership to both or vice versa, changing from Social membership to bowls member of vice versa etc. 



This form should be used by a member wishing to leave the club or by a club officer, friend or family member if the individual is unable to complete it for themselves.

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