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Information for New Members of the Club

When you are new to the club, it can sometimes be confusing as to how to find out information on who to contact at the club or how to find about various issues such as:


  • How to get coaching
  • What is the dress code for bowling
  • How to become a member of the league teams
  • How to enter club, county or national competitions
  • What months of the year do the summer and winter leagues operate


Whilst much of this information is readily available in the club handbook  which is provided once you join the club, this page and others in this section aim to help you find out information in an on-line format. However, the ladies below are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have and welcome you to the club.



Denise Burke, Indoor Bowling Officer


Fiona Mowe, Indoor Bowling Committee Member


Both these ladies will actively seek out new bowlers and will explain how to get coaching, how to become involved in leagues and compeittions and much much more.  You may also find that either these ladies or other club members may contact you from time to time to become involved in club friendlies.  These are excellent opportunities to be introduced into a more competitive environment, but by playing with  more experienced players in a friendly setting.



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