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Sight Impaired Bowls Bedford

The Blind Bowling Club was formed in 1999 and was influenced by one man who was determined to play a sport after losing his sight. He had never played bowls. His courage and enthusiasm for the game enabled him to reach national level.

It is affiliated to the English National Association of Visually Handicapped Bowlers (ENAVHB) and our members are eligible to enter national competitions run by British Blind Sports and the ENAVHB.

The Club's main aim is to promote friendship and social contact with other blind bowlers from surrounding counties and matches are played against teams from Peterborough and St. Neots.

These games give pleasure to both players and visitors alike, but require a great deal of organisation, both on and off the Green. We are grateful to the volunteer drivers from the Door-to-Door service for providing transport for our members to and from venues.

We have club members who assist our partially sighted members, and while this is a very safe sport, our helpers are aware of any potential hazards and work hard to ensure that our players are free to concentrate on their game and enjoy their sport.

Instruction and coaching is provided by qualified coaches.

The Sight Concern charity in Bedford publishes a regular newsletter which includes information about our club.  

Please come along and discover what a wonderful sport bowls can offer if you have little or no sight. We welcome you to Bedford Blind Bowling Club.

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